An audience at a performance


CaptionCue is new software currently in development that will be able to automatically output captions and potentially, in the future, audio description.

During a performance, CaptionCue will be fed with audio from the actors, and triggers from existing lighting or sound cues, including start cues at the beginning and at key points during the performance. Based on triggers, timeline analysis and speech following software, CaptionCue will “shadow” the spoken words against the script and deliver the script content, timed to the performance, to an API (Application Programming Interface) which will send the text to display devices.

How CaptionCue works:


The software was tested at the National Theatre’s Temporary theatre in February 2015 as part of a digital research and development project funded by Nesta, Arts Council England and Arts and Humanitiies research council. To read the final report or for more information please see the CaptionCue website.