An audience at a performance

Artistic decisions

During the devising and/or rehearsal period of the show, an informed decision will need to be made about the position of the caption unit. Ideally, the user should not have to alter the line of their gaze substantially to be able to take in the action onstage and the text on the caption unit. Lighting, shadows and any parts of the set that move will all also have to be taken into account.

One theatre Access Co-ordinator has built a scale replica of a caption unit so that designers and directors can incorporate it into their scale set models and play with where it might best sit for both the audience and the aesthetic of the show.

Decisions will need to be made, too, about the positioning of the interpreter and also what they will wear. For example, they can wear neutral professional clothes, blacks, or something in keeping with the costumes in the show. This will depend on the kind of show, the tone of the production and the decisions of the Director, in liaison with the interpreter.

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