An audience at a performance

A cautionary tale

Could this happen in your organisation?

A deaf man recently e-mailed a theatre to enquire about a captioned performance. In reply, he received an e-mail which simply said, “Another deaf bu**er.”

Clearly a member of staff had hit Reply instead of Forward and the deaf customer learned the hard way about the attitudes towards deaf people amongst some of the staff at that theatre.

The story has been re-told widely across social media amongst D/deaf and hearing people: tweeted, retweeted and blogged.

Obviously, moves were made very swiftly to deal with the incident and to issue genuine apologies. Nonetheless, it shows a worst case scenario of what can happen if your staff are not fully cognisant of the thinking behind programming assisted performances and, indeed, of an inclusive approach more generally.

This toolkit can support you to develop your programme of assisted performances, develop your staff and build the reputation of your organisation.

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