An audience at a performance

Ideas and samples

Throughout this resource we’ve highlighted some of the very practical steps you can take in promoting your captioned performances to new and existing theatregoers. Here are just a couple examples of how some venues have put their ideas into practice.

Theatre poster for a production titled Geoff Dead

The information on this poster is clear, easily identifiable, includes an explanation and is aimed at maximizing reach -promoting the services to all potential bookers.

A page from the History Boys brochure at WYP

This show page from a West Yorkshire Playhouse brochure has bold and clear logos as well as telling us where further information can be found. An improvement might be to add the assisted performance dates alongside the logos, there’s enough space, which would make it even clearer.

An article on access from the Almeida theatre.

Running an article in one of your show programmes, season brochures or supporters’ newsletters is a great way of raising general awareness and improving your organisation’s access and inclusion profile.

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