Marketing your captioned performance

Make sure that the date and time of your captioned performance is included in your season brochure, on flyers (and e-flyers), posters, on the show page on your website, and other listings.

Ensure that box office tells everyone (non-deaf included) booking tickets for that performance that it will feature captions, so that they can decide to attend another performance if they would prefer to.

The fact that it is a captioned performance should also be printed on each ticket to ensure people know – this also helps make your whole audience more aware that accessible performances are available at your venue.

Use social networking to your advantage. For example, you could set up a fan page for your captioned shows on Facebook and put information about the accessible show on Twitter.

Contact local deaf and hard of hearing people. You can do this by looking up local groups run by charities or organisations. There may also be online groups and message boards you can contact.

Also contact groups for older people like U3A, Age UK, Silver Surfers, and so on, who will be likely to have a significant number of members with hearing loss.

For your first few captioned performances, you may want to give free or discounted tickets to deaf and hard of hearing patrons to help develop your audience.

See also the Marketing section of this resource.

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