Live performances

While captioning is used for pre-scripted performances, there is also a method of making live performances accessible, called live subtitles (speech-to-text)

Live subtitles are most often used as a way of providing access to talks, meetings and conferences for deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people who are comfortable reading English.

However it can also be used for live performances, such as stand-up comedy.

Stagetext uses live subtitles for post-show discussions in the theatre and, more recently, for talks in museums and galleries.

Speech-to-text reporters (STTRs) are highly trained professionals who use a special electronic shorthand keyboard designed to let them type phonetically (how words sound rather than how they’re spelt). The specially-designed software then converts these phonetic chords back into English so that deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people can read it.

Have a look at our video on STT in action.