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Final preparations for your captioned show

So it’s a few days before the captioned show, you’ve got deaf and hard of hearing people booked in to come and see it, the captioner has been preparing, and the equipment is booked and on its way. So what next?

First, the captioner will need to come in for a final script check, sometimes the day before the captioned performance. They will need a small table and a light in order to read their script.

Your captioner will probably need to speak to the deputy stage manager of the show to double check some sections of their script. They may also need to speak to the company manager, musical director and occasionally members of the cast.

You should check with the captioner whether their final script check went well, and whether they need any further information to help them with the final performance.

The captioner will ask your theatre for the wording of any emergency messages so that they can put these on their laptop in case they are needed.

A top tip is to ask the captioner to add information about the next captioned performance at your venue to the unit before and after the production – informing everyone in the auditorium about the next opportunity to come to your venue. Or you could work with other venues in your area and promote each other’s captioned performances as this is a great way to build your local audience collectively.

Also, many theatres find that the caption unit is a good place to display a ‘Please turn off your mobile phone’ message for the whole audience.

Don’t forget to make sure the batteries for your loop headsets have been charged.

The last thing you should be aware of is what time the captioning equipment will be set up the following day. That way you can be around to check everything is ok.

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