Booking a captioner

For an up-to-date list of the qualified captioners working near you, a sample agreement, a suggested rates sheet and a copy of the captioners’ Code of Practice, email Stagetext: or phone 020 7377 0540.

When contacting a captioner, here are some factors you will need to discuss with them:

  • The date the production opens and the suggested date of the captioned performance.
  • The date by which you can email the captioner an up-to-date Word copy of the script and DVD of the performance.
  • The rate you are agreeing to pay.
  • Any travel expenses or other allowances you are prepared to pay.
  • The written contract.
  • A ticket for the captioner to see the play in the audience.
  • Arrangements for them to visit the theatre for their script checks (they will need a table and chair, with light for these checks)
  • The date the captioner wants to do the script check, and where they will need to sit. It’s often easier for them to work in the technical area so they can read their paper script and see the stage.


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