After-show feedback

So the captioned performance has ended, everything seems to have gone smoothly – so what next?

Getting feedback is the best way of improving your customer service by making sure that any problems have been identified so they can be resolved in time for the next performance.

One of the best times to get feedback is during the interval or straight after the show. Ask patrons what their experience was like. Could they see the caption unit clearly? Could they follow the play?

Some patrons may not feel comfortable about giving feedback in person (or may simply have to rush off to catch the last train home!) so if you can’t speak to them, email them after the show asking them for their comments.

As well as giving patrons the opportunity to say what could have been better, asking for feedback is also a great chance to find out what your venue is doing right. Positive feedback can be a great encouragement to all of your colleagues, so make sure you share it with them.

Keep a record of all the feedback you get after each performance, so you can monitor any issues that come up on a recurring basis.

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