User profile: Lisa Morley

What was the first BSL interpreted performance you went to? What was it like?

I watched Blood Brothers – the performance was amazing. I enjoyed it so much and could follow everything that had been said.

When a song was played on stage, the interpreter also translated this and I finally thought that ‘this is how songs are performed.’ He kept to the pace of the song.

Can you describe what it is like to follow a play via BSL interpretation?

I had to be sat in the right place so I could view the whole show and at the same time the interpreter.

Have you had any negative experiences?

Only once, when a BSL interpreter wasn’t very good. I felt his face and flow of signs did not match the performance, nor make it interesting.

What is the best experience you’ve had?

When I saw the Sound of Music, because of the famous characters and also because I went with my group of friends.

They all said the same – we thought the performance was beautiful.

Also I was in the perfect seating position. I wasn’t facing straight at the stage, I was on the same side as the interpreter but on a diagonal so I could see both interpreter and stage.

How often do you now go to BSL theatre?

I go twice a year. I would love to go more often but I am restricted by the number of  signed performances nearby.

What has the customer service been like?

I have contacted box offices to buy tickets in two different ways.

When I have phoned via a text relay service going back a long while ago they could find out when the interpreter was booked and gave me all the required information, since then I have seen that service improve.

The other way was to go along to buy tickets face to face however this was not successful, it is much better to phone for tickets.