The audience for audio description

Almost 2 million people in the UK are living with sight loss, which adds up to around one in thirty people. Around 370,000 people are registered blind or partially sighted (RNIB), although only 4% of people who are registered blind have no sight at all.

A visual impairment is defined as an eyesight problem that cannot be corrected by wearing glasses, contact lenses or having surgery.

Blind and partially sighted people may use a white cane and/or a guide dog. If it is not possible for them to take their guide dog into the auditorium, or if they would prefer for their guide dog to be looked after by a member of staff, then you will need to consider who would be able to look after their guide dog during the show.

Getting to your venue may be another obstacle for the audience to face, so do consider routes they could take and how you’ll supply accessible travel and transport information.

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