Themed action points

This could be used as an alternative, or as a supplement to the previous exercise. The structure of your organisation will determine the details of how you use the following suggestion.

For each team or department, consider the challenges you face relating to marketing and assisted performances.

For example:

I have to remind marketing every time they produce a new brochure to include information about the care we offer for guide dogs


Box Office staff are not given appropriate information about where caption users have to sit so they’re booking out inappropriate seats to caption users

Working on one team at a time, write each challenge on a post-it note.

Group the post-it notes into themes. Use any type of theme that’s meaningful for you in your organisation.

For example:

All of these post-it notes are issues I need to bring up with [named colleague]


All of these post-it notes are issues that could be addressed together at a production meeting


All of these post-it notes are issues which are about communication within the organisation

Then use these themes as the basis for an action plan and to lobby for specific changes within the organisation.


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