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Sharing the responsibility

When we conducted some basic research before producing these toolkits, Access Co-ordinators were clear that the single thing that could make a difference to the quality of assisted performances was to get it out into the wider organisation; to stop it being an issue which landed, inevitably, on the Access Co-ordinator’s desk.

There are sections in the Senior Managers’ toolkit that are designed to encourage the organisation to embed access issues.  This is better than them being seen as an optional extra or as something necessary but dealt with just one specific individual – you!

The tone of the toolkit is designed to convey that, whilst you have specialist knowledge and experience, you simply can’t do it all, partly because of capacity issues, but also because you don’t have authority in all the various parts of the organisation that are impacted by the business of programming an assisted performance.

It’s also a bad idea for you to do it all because this leaves the organisation very vulnerable if you move on.

The following suggestions might just feel like more work but it is work that’s designed to make your job easier and your role more effective.

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