An audience at a performance

Access Co-ordinators

As the nominated Access Co-ordinator for your venue, you may be asked to organise and oversee your theatre’s captioned, audio described and BSL interpreted performances, but it may be something that you have never done before or which you are doing for the first time after a long gap in accessible performances.

This guide was created to help you through this process and we hope you find it useful.

The guide is broken into four sections: Captioning, Audio Description and BSL Interpretation with an additional section on Advocacy across all three performance types. While many of the guidelines will be the same for each of the three services, there may be differences in the order in which you should do things and the things you need to make sure are in place so that the patrons using your services have a fantastic experience.

If you find that the guide has left you with some unanswered questions, please do let us know as we want to make sure the information is as comprehensive as possible. You can get in touch by going to the Contact us page.